About us

How Team Swift was born 

Swift Results Personal Training began over 13 years ago!! Our little biz has been dedicated to helping others achieve fitness, body and mind goals since 2005! We have now evolved into offering fitness apparel with a symbol that represents so much...strength, empowerment, and perseverance!! This is something we instill in our personal training business...day in and day out!! Thank you for supporting us and representing what we stand for!!

About Swift Gear Workout Apparel

We are a family-owned and operated business passionate about empowering people and utilizing the power of fitness to help develop the physical and mental strength to persevere through life. Swift Gear was created with the empowered confident female athlete in mind. Our apparel is designed to help give that fashinable, comfortable and confident edge at the gym. We carefully source out apparel for quality and all of our prints are created locally!!🖤


I love my Swiftgear! Everything is comfortable and fits perfectly. It’s sporty and I love rockin’ it in and out of the gym!🖤

Dr. Kelly

I LOVE this gear! The quality is great and it fits really well. I like to feel cute in my workout gear and this brand does that! I have a hat addiction and I am really impressed with the hat I purchased. I would highly recommend.🖤


I absolutely loved the swift gear. For one it’s very comfortable for everyday wear. The shorts fit nice and snug and the material is soft! I love walking around the house in Just tank top and shorts so it’s one of my favs to just throw on! Thank you @swift_gear56 for making something of such value!🖤






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